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Art Dealer - Establishing and enhancing collections

  • The Dancer
    The Dancer

    Doreen Southwood
    The Dancer, 2010
    Bronze - painted
    30 3/4 in. (78 cm)

  • BM005
    Murray, Brett, 1961
    Bubble Head: Short Pants
    340 x 190 x190 mm
    Painted bronze Ed: 7/8

  • Baker, Bridget, 1971
    The Blue Collar Girl (Cape Town)
    Lambda print and diasec at Grieger, Dusseldorf, Germany
    54.5 X 241.5 cm
    Edition of 4/8

  • WK038

    William, Kentridge, 1955
    Sleeper - Red
    etching, aquatint and drypoint from two copper plates on Velin d’Arches Blanc 300 gsm paper
    97 X 193 cm
    Edition 50

  • Vrouw die Naar Een Fles Chilisaus Kijkt
    Vrouw die Naar Een Fles Chilisaus Kijkt

    van Erp, Aaron, 1978
    Vrouw die Naar Een Fles Chilisaus Kijkt, 2009
    Oil on canvas
    150 X 250 cm

Art Conversations

João Ferreira has worked in the South African art market for over 20 years. With his 1998 opening of the first contemporary art gallery in Cape Town, he served as a key figure in the emerging stages of this now thriving market. Considered one of South Africa’s leading gallerists for contemporary artists and art collectors, he is a true trailblazer of the modern and contemporary art scene.

Through his ongoing focus on connoisseurship and collector motivation João Ferreira is now one of Cape Town’s most knowledgeable and highly regarded names in the industry. His representation of many of South Africa’s influential and award-winning artists has lead to appearances at international exhibitions and art fairs.

Instead of simply showcasing works, his interest lies in creating debate while facilitating the establishment and enrichment of collections. Private consultant and dealer, his history is consolidated in Art conversations, well-crafted and personalized journeys into the Cape Town art world. Included in Cape Town Design Capital 2014.

Art conversations offer an informative and engaging opportunity to experience some of the galleries, museums and studios of Cape Town, and so gain an unrivaled insight into the workings of the South African art market.

With knowledge, wealth of experience and an infectious enthusiasm João Ferreira will share his passion in a clear and succinct way. A conversation around the art’s context, any possible trends and your own critique will conjugate the day. Your journey will highlight current exhibitions and, as far as possible, be tailor-made to your interests - whether they are a particular artist, medium, period or collection.